Asphalt Paving in Sandy, Utah

At Renaissance Asphalt Services, there’s no paving job we can’t assist you with. From parking lots to lanes and many other unique jobs, our pros have been providing high-quality asphalt paving services to customers across Sandy, Utah and surrounding areas for over two decades.

When you call us for asphalt services, you get a dedicated, full-service team. We’re happy to show proof of our licensure, bonding and insurance coverage, or to direct you to our numerous satisfied customers who keep coming back year after year for asphalt needs. We’re both local and family-owned, bringing a personalized experience to all our clients in any area of the construction process. We can’t wait to serve you.

asphalt paving sandy, Utah

Site Demolition and Removal

The first step to any paving process is preparing the area to be paved. In some cases this means removing vegetation, rocks and other debris from a previously un-paved area, while in others it requires removing tougher materials like concrete or even previous asphalt.

At Renaissance Asphalt Services, we’ll handle all this for you in speedy, environmentally conscious ways. Any asphalt we recover from the area will be kept and recycled for use in future pavement or shingle creation, meaning we’ll help you reduce waste from your project without lifting a finger. You can rest easy while we clear your entire area and leave it fully prepared for asphalt paving.

Grading and Base Layers

Another important element of site preparation is ensuring the area is sloped properly for asphalt installation. The goal here isn’t quite 100 percent flatness – this would leave no route for rainwater to move during and after storms, and would lead to issues of water pooling up and risking damage over time. Instead, we’ll give you a well-planned slope that directs water to the proper areas.

Once your area to be paved has been properly leveled out, it’s time to install an important base layer. This base will be made of some kind of aggregate material, generally crushed stone or concrete, and is pressed into a compact product that’s then sealed with a liquid binder. The goal is a durable, secure material that won’t leave loose particles during final application.

Final Paving Process

To begin with, we’ll work with you to determine your exact needs before mixing your asphalt for paving. We use various aggregates, sand and oil for our mixtures, along with different temperature ranges depending on your needs.

Once the mixture is created, we will apply it with special care to joints – these are a big part of the adhesion process for the asphalt surface. The final product will be a smooth, flat application of asphalt, which we can then complement with striping, sealing and other quality assurance services.

For more on what we can do for you when it comes to asphalt paving in Sandy, Utah and nearby areas, speak to the pros at Renaissance Asphalt Services today.