Asphalt Paving in Salt Lake City, Utah

For all your lanes, private parking lots or other paving needs, the pros at Renaissance Asphalt Services are here to help. We’re proud to serve all of Salt Lake City and surrounding areas for all their asphalt paving needs, from planning and setup to final paving and future care.

Not only are we dedicated to providing you with high-quality, cost-effective asphalt products and solutions, we do so in a friendly way – both to you and the environment around you. We recycle all our removed asphalt products for use in areas like pavement and shingles, and work toward lasting relationships with our clients through high levels of performance in this and other areas.

asphalt paving Salt Lake City, Utah

Our Team

Renaissance Asphalt Services has been in business for over 20 years, providing various asphalt installation and maintenance offerings to Salt Lake City and nearby areas. We’re both local and family-owned, and while we’ve expanded to several major construction areas, we keep this personal approach with us on every job we do.

There’s no asphalt service we can’t assist you with, and all our technicians are fully licensed, insured and bonded. Our pros are eagerly awaiting their chance to help install fantastic paved surfaces on your property.

Paving Stages

Our team is here to assist you with every stage of asphalt paving, from start to finish. These broad stages include:

  • Demolition: We’ll help you remove all items or obstructions impeding the paving process, whether this is vegetation, previous asphalt, cement, rocks, or various other kinds of debris. As we previously noted, all eligible items here will be recycled and put to future use.
  • Grading: Referring to flattening the area and ensuring it’s level, grading and sloping are vital parts of the asphalt installation process. You might think the goal here is complete flatness, but this actually isn’t the case – we’ll leave a slight slope in your paved surfaces to allow for rainwater drainage and avoids standing water.
  • Base layer: Generally made of a group of aggregates, our base layers are strong and durable enough to support the top layer of asphalt and include a liquid binder.
  • Paving: Finally, we’ll provide you with the highest-quality paving services available, with mixtures that depend on your precise needs. We’ll carefully assist you with everything from proper temperatures to joint care, achieving a smooth, clean surface.

Future Care

We’re also always available to help with the future care of your paved asphalt surfaces. We can assist with sealing and dealing with cracks, plus with standard striping to provide any markings you might need. We truly are a full-service asphalt company, from start to finish.

For more on our asphalt paving or other asphalt services in Salt Lake City, speak to the staff at Renaissance Asphalt Services today.